In her own words, “Writer at heart, I have always been driven towards expressing my views or sharing experiences through Ink. I’m an English Honors Graduate. And have extensive experience in Customer Care and Legal Finance, which I gained while working with Wipro during my early work days.

Later I shifted my focus to Print, Publishing, Public Relations and Portfolio Building to learn the basics of Publishing. I’m a freelance Content Writer and hope to publish my Book in the near future. I’m addicted to two things Chocolates and Travelling. Travelling is meditation to me, I enjoy exploring the local markets for inspirations. Travel in breadth of this world is on my Bucket list. Music and a good read is my everyday therapy. I’ve been trained in Kathak and Hindustani Classical Music. A full time Mom and a Part time Writer, Theater has been the most fascinating and creative part of my life. Story telling is an Art, and though I’m not a great story writer but an admirer of the craft itself. My experience in theater has mostly been off stage, than on stage. But In recent future I intend to fix the equilibrium by working in both the crafts.”