Foundations TV is proud to provide this platform to a wonderful 13 year old girl all the way from Australia, who not only expresses herself beautifully but is also an inspiration for many of her age and beyond, through her SOUL STIRRING POETRY.

Today she joins us as our featured columnist as we publish the first of her articles in our series EXPRESSIONS. Her first poem is aptly on SELF ESTEEM. In her own words ,” Hi, my name is Jaskiran kaur, I am 13 years old and I have been writing poetry since I was seven. I have lived in four countries; born in India and lived in Singapore, Malaysia and I have been living in Australia for the past three years. I have a passion for books that sometimes seems to take over my life, which is probably where I was inspired to start writing. Poetry has been a way to express my emotions since I started writing and it still is! I hope you enjoy my poems.”