Before you start reading whatever I write, let me introduce you guys to me. I am Namita, a small town girl who was always surrounded by kids. My dad is youngest of five brothers and most of the family lives near by. I am no writer, in fact I have a horrible handwriting. And my grammar sucks, I am just happy my English teacher never gets to read whatever I write. I can paint and dance though, am sure about that. Kids, Dance and Sewa always bring wide smile on my face.

My heart lights up whenever I am around kids. I believe they are wizards with super healing powers, but they choose to hide their magic just to blend in.

I believe that this life is a journey to grow, evolve and learn and the growing process of new born to an adult fascinates me. I started baby sitting my nieces and nephews when I was a kid myself. They were my childhood buddies, my little treasures. I never had pretend friends as I always had them around.Then had my baby sister. Her first steps, first words, first day at school etc were my personal achievements.  I still remember I made my three year nephew believe that he picks my outfits for the college. I used to put couple of dresses on the bed and made him pick one out of them. It was my way of making him feel his importance in my life. He took his job this seriously that when he got to sick and was on bed, he took sour medicines in no time so that his Bua doesn’t feel lost during the mornings. I hope my six feet, three inch nephew is not reading any of this.

And now I am a Mom of two little buggers. They are my world, my sweet innocent heart warmers!! My life has never been this eventful.As they grow, I grow with them I see the world through their curious eyes, answer their endless questions. We all live many stories each day and I would love to share many of my experiences with you all with the help of this column. You have a choice to like, ignore or make me a part of your social media as I make u in mine.

We think that we take care of our kids but the truth is the other way round. The minute these little charmers enter our lives, our days become brighter and nights beautiful.