Ruma has a passion for cooking and if you know her, you have at some point experienced the vastness of her cooking and her heart (in feeding people) alike.

Ruma Neogy is a professional environmental engineer who moved to USA in 1989 for her graduate studies in University of Cincinnati Ohio. After coming to USA she first started cooking Indian meals for herself using all the American ingredients available in the grocery. Back then Indian groceries were not available in smaller cities like Cincinnati Ohio. With time Ruma Neogy found her extreme passion in creating new dishes using American vegetables with Indian tadka. To keep her childhood tradition alive in USA she also loves to cook traditional Indian sweet dishes which are available in shops in India but not here in USA. Ruma Neogy being a full time professional engineer established a faster way of cooking all her Indian dishes. She will share her recipes and cooking tips every month. The first in her series ‘TRADITIONAL COOKING WITH A TWIST with Ruma’ is now up on our website.