Cambridge Community Kirtan (CCK) program report

FTV News, Cambridge, By Geetha Patil: Cambridge Community Kirtan (CCK) program was held on Wednesday, January 24, 2018, at the Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel, Cambridge, MA from 6:45pm pm to 10:000pm. This Chapel is in the center of Harvard Square, near the T-station and provides an easy access to the commenters and there is a parking lot on the side of the church as well. On this exciting evening, people gathered in the church for Kirtan, a form of Indian folk music that praises the divine. This genre of singing here combined music of Harmonium, Tabla, and Dolak with a specific intent to instill in its listeners a devotion to the divine.

Kirtan in the form of collective singing of Mantras, Hymns, and Bhajans to praise the glory of god and goddesses is gaining popularity in the United States as it creates some positive vibrations in the body and mind and offers the possibility for the stillness of the mind.  Kirtan gives an opportunity to everyone to chant and sing with others with a devoted mind to get away with the dark thoughts and strengthen their hopes in life. Through Kirtan – a collective chanting people experience intrinsic healing and obtain a sense of belonging with themselves along with the world around them.

Scott Hai Whitmore, the organizer of the CCK, welcomed and thanked everyone for coming to the Kirtan. Ryan Meyer who played tabla added an inspiring sound to the singing of Kirtan. Scott Hari started this great evening Kirtan with chanting of Lord Ganesh and continued singing many Bhajans with utmost devotion and piety. Scott Hari is one of the sacred musicians in Boston area and an experienced Kirtan leader, opening people’s hearts and minds to new form of self-exploration and inner-peace. He is very much influenced by Ram Dass, a world famous spiritual lecturer and teacher. The writings and teachings of Ram Dass connected him deeply to the spiritual world. He also learned from Jack Kornfield, Roshi Joan Halifax, Roshi Bernie Glassman, Lama Surya Das, Krishna das and others. Later, he spent some time in North Bharat (India) in study and prayers. Now, in Cambridge, he is offering his spiritual services through CCK to people discover for themselves a more grounded and peaceful life. He is trying to build a spiritual community and bring joy to people. Geetha Patil also expressed her loving devotion to a deity – Lord Shiva by singing two Bhajans and made the devotees to be immersed in the ocean of spiritual sounds to realize the divine power within and in the universe.

Every devotee enjoyed joyful evening by chanting the names of the divine especially Hindu Gods and Goddesses such as Ganesh, Shiva, Durga, Kali, Ram, Krishna, Radha, and many others. Masala Chai was there for the people to enjoy. Scott Hai Whitmore thanked everyone again for coming and requested all to spread the word about this CCK and invite your friend\s to the forth coming Kirtans and said “let’s have exciting Kirtans with you, your family members and friends!”