A Vegetarian Sushi Art: Chef Artist Kathy Quecke (BYOB)

Rolls packed with flavor. Advanced Vegetarian Sushi class.

Roll up your sleeves! This class takes you deep into Maki-making.

We will be rolling four different kinds of Maki with fun, flavor-packed fillings, perfected by herbs and seeds. A feast for mouth and eyes. Built on traditional techniques, we also offer modern twists.

This class focuses on vegetarian, seasonal options that can easily be adapted at home.

Bring your favorite wine and come together for a sushi night full of deliciousness and beauty! Enhance your rolling skills, learn sushi-chef tips and tricks, and explore new ways to make sushi.


  • Please bring your preferred/best/sharpest kitchen knife, so we can give exactly the advice you need to make great sushi at home.¬†Additional materials will be provided.
  • All ingredients including farm fresh vegetables will be provided.
  • BYOB
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By: anjanasudhir