FREE BLOCK Band Releases It’s First Song

FTV news, Connecticut: Free Block, a band formed in 2014 by Thomas Alexander, Scott Lubin and Ansh Jetly released its first song on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and over 150 digital music stores worldwide. The group has collectively written and composed over 50 songs and are looking to release their first album soon. They are a popular performing band and are loved for their stage presence and originality. ‘Stayed The Same’ the first song released is being liked and listened to by many soft rock fans in the ages of 13 and above. The group shared that their first song played on the radio station in Connecticut and “that was super exciting.” Here is a short and sweet interview with the group.

Tell us how Free Block got started.

Scott and I(Ansh) wrote many songs together. Once day we met up with Thomas in the music rooms and played a cover of song. The chemistry between the three of us led us to form a band and create original music.

How many members do you have in your band?

Currently we have 3. Thomas Alexander who was the original guitarist, graduated and moved on. So now we have Michael O’Hazo as the as the new guitarist, Scott Lubin as the singer, bass player and rhythm guitarist and Ansh Jetly, drummer, pianist and guitarist.

So, you said you have written over 50 songs, where are you headed with these?

Two years ago, Free Block focused on creating new music and developing our style. Last year, we focused on performing and developing our stage performance. This year, with all positive feedback, we want to record our music and share it with the world.

What do you think people love about you?

Our chemistry and our originality. We may not be the best musicians out there, infact we cannot even read music. Yet, our chemistry shows in our music writing skills. Our songs are unique, original and of various styles. Every instrument in our song is unique to the song itself. If you listened to it carefully, you would be able to recognize a song by its drum beats alone. These are custom, unique creations that not generic compositions. People who love music fall in love with it when they hear it. Some of our fans tell us that they listen to our songs over and over again. Check out our new song, if you like it, follow us. If you don’t like it just yet, stay tuned, because we plan on releasing a whole bunch of other songs that are different styles.

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