Kalash Yatra Held in Boston

FTV News, By Geetha Patil: Boston Saptaha -2017, a Napali organization organized its first ever mega event of Shreemad Bhagawath Saptaha Mahayagya and Brihat Adhyatmik Mahotsav from 6th to 12th Aug, 2017 at Shivalaya Temple, Medford, MA, for raising funds to build a Nepali Community Center in Greater Boston area by Pashupatinath and Buddha Foundation for New England (PABFONE). Thousands of devotees in their traditional beautiful attire attended this seven day spiritual event very enthusiastically and with utmost divine fervor.

Kalash Yatra and Jhanki were taken out by 1008 women on the first day of the Bhagwad Katha under the leadership and encouragement of Mrs. Rukmini Karki who is the current president of Nepali Women Global Network (NWGN) in New England area. Pundit Deen Bandhu Pokhrel Ji and Shri Mahesh Guru Ji performed the Kalash Puja of 1008 Kalash that were arranged in a big Swastika shape at 10:00am, of 6th Aug.  They recited Vedic Hymns in Sanskrit along with devotees and volunteers. The Yatra began amid beating of traditional drums and religious chanting from Condon Shell Park, Medford to the Shivalaya Temple. Women and children from 90 years old to 8 years old dressed in colorful dresses and carried Kalash filled with Ganga Jal on their heads in the procession along with other devotees, who danced to the tunes of religious songs in the glory of Lord Vishnu and Shiva and delved in religious ecstasy all the way through the Yatra. The devotees enjoyed classical music as music group sang euphonious songs and played musical instruments skillfully.

Devotees with their young and adult children gathered in large number and took part actively in the event. The occasion witnessed participation of more than 1500 people, and made this event enormously successful. According to the organizers this Kalash Yatra is an historic event as it involved Nepali women from the whole New England area who participated in the Yatra to strengthen harmony in the society and provided support to the community events in the area. Women and young female volunteers’ dedication and their devotion and tieless support were appreciated in making this event a grand successful. Closing ceremony and distribution of 1008 Kalash to devotees was performed on Sunday August 13, 2017.

A devotee stated to the reporter,” It is an open invitation to come and quench our thirst of many births and finally getting blessed with Brahm-Gyan. When we are connected to the roots of Inner divinity, our life becomes bright with the colors of peace and serenity