KROSSLINK.ORG off to a Great Start

KROSSLINK.ORG is a volunteer driven, community supported free “greenhouse” program, offered by local public libraries, for local entrepreneurs. The program aims to empower local libraries to help develop, nurture, and foster entrepreneurship by connecting entrepreneurs, local businesses, mentors and civic leaders. Most jobs are created by entrepreneurs running small businesses. Yet most entrepreneurs fail within 90 days. Starting a new venture is a very lonely experience. In order to succeed, aspiring entrepreneurs need a supportive community around them.
Local libraries already have necessary infrastructure to support a meeting place for prospective entrepreneurs and to connect them with the community and civic and business leaders. As libraries undergo transformation in the 21st century, why not use them to build “greenhouses” to turn seeds of ideas into saplings of business ventures?

October 15th networking session at the Westborough library was opened by Donna Martel of Westborough Public Library. Venkat Kulluri, CEO of Chitika then introduced Krosslink. Karen Chapman from Corridor Nine Chamber of Commerce shared her vision, followed by a talk by Worcester Regional SCORE Chapter member. The panel discussion was moderated by Jason Veihland and featured Sandeep Kaujalgi, CEO Collabor Inc, Niraj Jetly, CIO CTO NutriSavings and Gauri Chandna CEO, ATFS Inc.

The session was attended by around 40 people, which is a great start. According to the one of the founders of Krosslink initiative, this is a great start. He hopes to establish entrepreneur ‘greenhouses’ in 10000 local libraries by 2025. The next meeting is scheduled for November 13th at the Shrewsbury Library. Mr kulluri added, “By acting as a greenhouse for new ideas and innovations, libraries will start attracting the attention of local businesses interested in tapping into entrepreneurial potential. Businesses will start investing heavily into library systems to ensure a steady flow of local talent — hoping to keep that talent local while simultaneously helping their community.” He thought of the idea this July and started to bounce it off a few of his personal friends who showed interest in joining the initiative. They started Krosslink and brought Chamber of Commerce and SCORE on board as well. is a volunteer driven organization run by successful entrepreneurs with a passion for helping budding entrepreneurs.