Meghana’s Painting Touching Lives

FTV News, Meghana/Meghan Basi, the 14 yrs. old inspiring artist unveiled her powerful creation titled “Motherhood”, at the YWCA Fina House on July 6th 2017. She dedicated this painting to honor, all mothers, motherhood and maternal bonding.

Meghana was invited for a tour to the YWCA Fina House by Marketing Director Susan McNeff on Oct last year. She got introduced to the residents and staff, and was entrusted with this charity project. Since then, her mind was immensely empowered with this wonderful theme of “Motherhood”, realizing these mothers require lot of HOPE, INSPIRATION and JOY for themselves and for nurturing their kid’s future.

The painting is unraveling the story of a “Giving Mother Tree” from a mother’s EYE-which is a window to her soul! She says, a mother’s love is undoubtedly visible in the eye. However, motherhood experiences both sides, despair (night time with stars) and HOPE (sun’s ray is the rising hope). Her attempt through this painting is to give them abundant joy, hope and inspiration because she feels these emotions play a major role in defining the quality of their lives.

It’s done on a 48”x60” canvas, with acrylics and mixed media, giving it a 3-dimensional effect. After the unveiling, reports from Fina House suggests this painting is making tremendous positive impacts on their lives as a mood elevator. Being a creator, she feels very special to know her art work, is touching their lives in a different level and is much respected and valued!