Noureen Designs Passing on the Tradition to Next Generation

Family traditions play such an important role not only in building memories and strengthening bonds within a family but also, in enriching community when they are passed on from one generation to the next. That is exactly what Noureen Designs, a premier Henna design business is doing. Noureen Sultana learnt the art of decorating hands from her mother. She is now a mother of 2 sons and has been doing henna business for the last 14 years in the New England area. Noureen has successfully generated interest for henna, or doing mehendi , in her 10 year old son, Danish. Interestingly, he feels that creativity is God’s gift to him and that his mother has been instrumental in training him to develop this outlet to his creativity. He started learning a few years ago by observing her and then learning from her. He has been accompanying his mother now for the last two years to various events in the area as well as to bridal parties. At an event Danish usually sits in one spot and decorates up to 50 hands in a few hours. He is seen doing henna using the cone, tirelessly and spontaneously. His designs are as beautiful as you would expect them to be from talented and trained henna artist.

Noureen, Danish’s mother would like Danish to continue developing this art further and develop an expertise enough to carry on her business even further. Waheed, Danish’s father, take so much pride in showcasing the various designs Danish makes so effortlessly. He proudly wishes that Danish will be even more successful as he grows up and that he continues the family tradition.


When asked, what he enjoys the most, Danish told us that he loves doing it and he looks forward to more and more events. This is a unique skill that he has as a 10 year old, and we wish him all the best.

About Noureen Designs: Noureen Sultana is an Accomplished and Creative Artist. Based in Framingham MA, Noureen’s specialization is in make-up, hairstyle, dressing and mehendi for bridals.She promises to use the latest styles in make-up to get the bride and other family members ready for the big day. She specializes in terrific hairstyles that can make you look gorgeous. Contemporary bridal look is her expertise and she makes the bride look fabulous from top to bottom including the spectacular henna designs that are inspired by Indian, Pakistani, Moroccan and  Arabic traditions. Noureen is a winner of 7 gold medals from All India Industrial Exhibition. Noureen is one talented woman who can deck you up for your special day.