Nrityanjali 40 ~ A Bharata Natyam dance festival is happening this weekend

FTV News: Nrityanjali 40 ,A Bharata Natyam dance festival is happening on July 28th,29th and 30th 2017

Venue: Performing Arts Center , Littleton High School, Littleton MA

Tickets: $60 (season ticket), $25 (individual show)

Choreographer Jothi Raghavan, a recipient of Choreographer’s fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts, will be curating and producing four of her choreographies in this unique three day dance festival.

Nrityanjali40 celebrates 40 years of Nrityanjali, a dance school founded in 1977 by renowned dancer Jothi Raghavan.  Jothi has taught and trained hundreds of dancers over the past 40 years.  In celebration of the 40th anniversary there will be four full length Bharatha Natyam productions. Enjoy a weekend of immersion in the classical dance, music, and drama of Southern India!

The weekend will showcase the artistic creations of Nrityanjali’s founder, Jothi Raghavan. Her dance company consisting of senior students and guest artistes will perform along with Jothi Raghavan in Vision of Vyasa, Srimad Bhagavatham, and Krishna Thrishna, which will draw the audience into a world of Hindu mythology and philosophy.

All students of Nrityanjali will present Nrityanjali Margam, which explores the breadth of the Bharatha Natyam repertoire while following the traditional concert format .

The 3 day dance festival starts on Friday July 28th with Vision of Vyasa.  This production explores the Bhagavad Gita. Lord Vishnu as Krishna guides Arjuna through various paths of Vedic philosophy and ultimately tells him to let go of attachments and surrender unto him. It is an intellectual exploration where the Sutradara  questions if the “Vision” is Vyasa’s vision or whether Krishna created Vyasa, or Vyasa is Krishna  himself.    Is Arjuna each one us constantly struggling with the dilemma of life? Here, Krishna is seen as an enlightener. Music composed by Lalgudi Jayaraman and Tara Bangalore

The festival continues on Saturday afternoon with Nrityanjali Margam. The margam will present a collection of traditional dances from the Bharata Natyam repertoire.  The tradition and guidelines set 40 years ago still continues in Nrityanjali and the students will showcase the beauty and dexterity of the art form.

Saturday evening will feature Srimad Bhagavatha Purana. While the first half of the production sees Krishna killing the evil Kamsa, the second half will highlight the episode of Rukmini Kalyanam – the wedding of princess Rukmini and Krishna. The romantic story of Rukmini seeking Krishna’s hand and Krishna wanting Rukmini just as much is the crown jewel of Srimad Bhagavatham. While addressing Krishna as “Bhuvana Sundara”- the most handsome, Rukmini also asserts herself in instructing him on a strategy to kidnap her! This dance theater has Krishna in the role of a romantic hero. Music composed by Varijasree Venugopal.

The finale of the festival is Krishna Thrishna. It showcases a devotee’s longing for Krishna. Thrishna means craving.   Krishna the ultimate is seen as the desire of the devotee.  Music composed by Rajkumar Bharathi.

Each of the productions are unique in their creation and presentation. The live music includes musicians from India and USA.  Lighting and costumes are specially designed for this event.

Nrityanjali contact: Manasa Jayanthi

Phone: 978-394-0858