Parveen Minocha wins the Foundations TV Philanthropic Work Award 2017

FTV Entertainment News, Shrewsbury: Parveen Minocha is known to be a humble and selfless human being, dedicating her time and energy to Ekal, the cause close to her heart. She takes her role seriously, almost like a second job! She loves being a mentor for the local youth, constantly motivating them and supporting them with any project idea they come forward with. She truly believes, if our youth get involved then the future is in safe hands!

Parveen won the Foundations TV Best of 2017 Red Carpet Award for Philanthropic work. On winning the award, Parveen got a little emotional as she dedicated this award to Ranjani Saigal and Ram Nehra, the two pioneering minds in Ekal USA. She thanked The Foundations TV for recognizing such efforts and felt humbled as she recited a poem  written by her. Yes, she is a poet too. Parveen works at Oracle and manages her job and philanthropic work with equal dedication.

Ekal Vidyalaya is a non-profit focused on holistic development of rural and remote parts of India. It starts with bringing basic education via its ‘single teacher’ schools run with as little as $1/day. Ekal New England Chapter continues to make an impact in shaping the future of rural India. Under Parveen’s leadership, the New England Chapter launched the Ekal Youth Leaders Program, EYL as the youth proudly call themselves. A committed team of Ekal NE volunteers has supported the success of numerous projects, giving the gift of education to one child, one school, and one village at a time, across rural India. The team bonds with local community to raise awareness and funds for the Ekal cause. Ekal Math Bee, Ekal Appathon, Ekal IndiArt, Ekal Math Camp, Ekal Writing Competition, Ekal Navratri, Ekal Spelling Bee, Ekal Save for Change have been some of the popular projects with the youth. The annual event ‘Ekal Power of Education Forum’ brings industry/academic experts together to discuss trends in education and brainstorm  ideas to make an impact.  The Ekal digital van was one of the key initiative from this Chapter, which is now bringing digital literacy to the villages and opening other avenues to teach and learn.

About The Foundations TV Red Carpet Awards: Foundations TV Red Carpet Awards Event is the signature event of The Foundations TV. Five years ago Foundations TV started with the idea of Spreading Inspiration Through Awareness of the positive work that is being done within the South Asian Community of New England and beyond. Within this period, FTV has grown and evolved in multiple directions, now consistently delivering good content to viewers who expect high standards. Content distribution is done through various channels including social media, video magazine, youtube and website. FTV content consistently satisfies the diverse needs of the large (and growing) viewer base. FTV specializes in providing socially, culturally, religiously, academically, and intellectually enriched as well as visually appealing materials through webisodes. FTV COMMUNITY NEWS promotes various community events, and STUDIO INTERVIEWS are engaging and meaningful conversations with celebrities and interesting personalities. FTV share stories of people who successfully and purposefully manage their passions to produce positive results. FTV has built a platform that thrives on reliable and trustworthy community relationships. In 2017 FTV ventured into the space of SIGNATURE EVENTS with their first ever RED Carpet Awards. The Foundations TV recognized individuals and organizations under three major categories: Talent, Technical Skill and Community Work. In 2018, FTV had a super successful event themed around “Inclusion and Diversity”. The prestigious Foundations TV Best of 2017 Red Carpet Awards trophies were given to carefully selected winners through a nomination process.