South Asian Showdown – A 3.5 hours of pure entertainment

FTV News, Boston,MA : The South Asian Showdown was the place to be on Saturday, February 24th, 2018!  The venue was sold out, and everybody seemed to enjoy it!  The show was well marketed and many people came to support the event.  However, was it worth all the hype?

YES it was!  People enjoyed the 3.5 hours of pure entertainment that all the national teams brought to the stage!  Bollywood and Fusion teams from across the nation poured their hearts out on stage with their unique story lines and blew away the Boston audience.  In fact, many people that we talked to after the event said they’d never seen an event like this in Boston, and were already looking forward to attending next year!  In case you’re not familiar with the 2 types of dance forms above, here is a brief description: Fusion is a conglomeration of all South Asian dance and any other dance form that the team chooses to use.  Hindi-Film/Bollywood is the dance form originating from the Bollywood film industry in Mumbai.

South Asian Showdown, SAS for short, had teams from California, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Boston.  They all put on a great show, but only 3 teams could place:


2) Uconn Surya

3) Boston Bollywood Xtreme

Several exhibitions highlighted by Learn Bhangra also set the stage ablaze on this amazing dance night. DFD, Boston Bhangra Juniors and BU Bhangra were also local acts that performed at the event.
Curry House was the food vendor of choice as they sold Indian food and drinks all night!
If you missed this show this past year, it’s a show NOT to miss in the future.  Next year’s show is already slated for February 23rd, 2019! Keep your calendars booked for the event next year! The energy in the audience was only rivaled by the phenomenal performances on stage.

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South Asian Showdown is hosted by non-profit organizations called South Asian Nation and Boston Bhangra that promote cultural awareness nationally.  To help support them in any way, please contact them through the website: