Tania Stavreva wins The Foundations TV Best Instrumentalist (Female) Award

FTV Entertainment News, Boston: Tania Stavreva released her album Rhythmic Movement on January 7th, 2017 which got extraordinary praise by major national and international media and music critics, as well as won 8 international music awards. It immediately got on BILLBOARD Classical Top 10 at #8
In 2017, Tania received 8 international music awards: the Clouzine International Music Award 2017 (Best Classical Album), 3 Global Music Awards for Outstanding Achievement (in Classical, Best Emerging Artist and Best Album) + 4 Radio Music Awards 2017, Indie Music Channel (for Best Classical Female Artist, Best Classical Record, Best Classical Song and Best Classical Duo – for her performance with legendary 2 time Grammy winning drummer Will Calhoun (Living Colour)). In 2017 her music was playing on over 100 radio stations in the US and abroad, making a major breakthrough. In 2017 Tania was given the “extraordinary ability” artist green card, making her a permanent resident of the US for her outstanding work, talent and achievements in the arts. She wins the Foundations TV Red Carpet Award for Best Instrumentalist Female 2017.

On winning the award, Tania was thrilled and thanked The Foundations TV team and jury.

Tania has received accolades from many in the industry

“Edgy, knock-out, Tania Stavreva’s got rhythm” – The Huffington Post
“A knockout of an album” – Blogcritics Magazine
“World-Class! Impressive! Adventurous! Entertaining! Exquisite!
Tania Stavreva has taken solo piano to rare heights!” – Classicalite News
“Wow! This is exceptionally good! Fiery pianism…exhilarating lightness..sense of joy!” – The Arts Desk Magazine (UK)
“Tania Stavreva’s “Rhythmic Movement” brings you classical music with a modern twist.
The Bulgarian-born virtuoso has a unique contemporary classic style” – AXS.com
“Extraordinary, intoxicating, superb, incredible, spectacular, evocative! …from hot to hotter!” – Performing Arts Review

“Most exciting, most unique, mesmerizing, fearless…sends shivers down the spine! Stavreva indeed has stepped into world show business and done it with a fierce, free imagination.” – Fanfare Magazine 
“Rhythmic Movement” is truly an album that will bring you to your feet. No matter your musical preference, 
you’re going to want this album for your playlist.” – The Rogers Revue 

“Extraordinary, unique, full of passion…so special, so refreshing!” – BritzNBeatz (London, UK)
“Bold, unique, a cross-genre trailblazer…Stavreva’s interpretations stretch the original concepts,
respecting their heredity without being subject to the same” – AllAboutJazz.com
“Monstrously talented musician..exploring rhythm in fascinating ways” – The Flip Side Reviews by Kevin Filipski
“Her audience was transformed not only by her skills at the piano, which truly were spectacular,
but also by her immense creativity.” – The Times of Israel 

“Terrific! Fascinating! A fine musician whom you will hear more from in the coming years” – TheGadAboutTown.com
“Very modern jazz feel…beautiful…rising modern sound” – JP’s Music Blog
“Formidable, exhilarating, exciting, poignant, swinging..” – CultureCatch.com
“She is compelling, in her art, as her own person, with a distinct calling and sensibility.
Her music sticks with you afterward…”  – Osburnt Arts
“Rich, colorful, very effective…” – The Whole Note Magazine

“Tania Stavreva..A name to note!” – Frank Gutch Jr.
“Exceptional! I was ..stunned! She toes the line without towing the line.” – Review by Franck Gutch Jr.
“Her enthusiasm runneth over. And her fingers moveth quickly upon the keyboard. Bulgarian concert pianist Tania Stavreva impresseth.”  – 
“Genius…I am breathless, emotionally energized, amazed, fascinated, and enchanted by the abilities of human artistic
achievement after listening to Rhythmic Movement by Tania Stavreva”  – Monty Guy Blog 

“Tania Stavreva is an international pianist; wherever she goes, her magnificent talent echoes her distinguished unforgettable performances. Her great talent wows audiences. She certainly is creating a great stir today in the music industry.” – CVH 1st Class Magazine 

Groundbreaking, extremely rich, inventive album! It is her personality that interested us in her! – My Head is a Jukebox Blog
“Mind blowing! …on a global level with her breakthrough into world show business!” –  24 Chasa Daily Newspaper
“One of the most diversely developed young artists!” – Marica Daily Newspaper
About The Foundations TV Red Carpet Awards: Foundations TV Red Carpet Awards Event is the signature event of The Foundations TV. Five years ago Foundations TV started with the idea of Spreading Inspiration Through Awareness of the positive work that is being done within the South Asian Community of New England and beyond. Within this period, FTV has grown and evolved in multiple directions, now consistently delivering good content to viewers who expect high standards. Content distribution is done through various channels including social media, video magazine, youtube and website. FTV content consistently satisfies the diverse needs of the large (and growing) viewer base. FTV specializes in providing socially, culturally, religiously, academically, and intellectually enriched as well as visually appealing materials through webisodes. FTV COMMUNITY NEWS promotes various community events, and STUDIO INTERVIEWS are engaging and meaningful conversations with celebrities and interesting personalities. FTV share stories of people who successfully and purposefully manage their passions to produce positive results. FTV has built a platform that thrives on reliable and trustworthy community relationships. In 2017 FTV ventured into the space of SIGNATURE EVENTS with their first ever RED Carpet Awards. The Foundations TV recognized individuals and organizations under three major categories: Talent, Technical Skill and Community Work. In 2018, FTV had a super successful event themed around “Inclusion and Diversity”. The prestigious Foundations TV Best of 2017 Red Carpet Awards trophies were given to carefully selected winners through a nomination process.