The Energizing Kathak Dance Recital of Himanshi Kathak Dance Academy

FTV News, Chelmford, MA: Dance, what is it?  To our synthetic definition since past 100 years it has become moving bodies to entertain others regardless of what words and music it moves along to.  As a result, everywhere around the world the art of dance has lost its meaning, its purpose, and its originality.   Kathak, is one of the beautiful form of dance art – which lost its original purpose and meaning, its soul throughout history of India.  During Bhakti age of India, Kathak was improvised and used as a tool to connect with the ultimate divine force – God within all of us to experience the everlasting peace and oneness with the universe.  This is the state of self where there is nothing else other than you – the Atma (soul) and Bhagwan (God), his love and force exist.

In past many centuries, the goal of experiencing this oneness while being in this body had been lost as we as mankind started to give human brain and its thinking power higher importance. Brain and body is made up of elements of the earth – it is a house to own and drive to share beautiful experience of connection with Bhagwan and maintain the connection.  Himanshi Kathak Dance Academy re-energizes this whole experience through Kathak dance, pouring Bhakti (devotion) into it and allowing Bhagwan to work through it – emanating his love and peace.  Indian Classical Dance's purpose has always been this, and when we become the vehicle in the dance, he automatically takes care of our each step and move in the dance – and it comes out in such a way that is unimaginable.  To experience this blessing, it is essential to train the mind and body to every detail of the classical music.  It does require lot of hardwork, openness to receive, get pushed, overcoming fears, building confidence, and most importantly the love for Nritta and Nritya (dance).

Spirituality (aadhiyatmikta) is very necessary for us in order to live orderly (eradicating chaos). Raw dance itself is meaningless unless each step is taken with the feeling of oneness with Bhagwan, for which the singing comes along with it.  Singing what though?  Singing about Bhagwan's glory, Charitra, oneness with Him and universe through bhajan (devotional song). This singing, dancing with music in mind invokes our soul and reenergizes it. Himanshi Kathak Dance Academy had its Graduation & recital ceremony on May 20th, 2017 & two academy's beautiful young women graduated with completion of Kathak Bachelor Program.  Academy’s young Tabla Masters also received Bachelor’s in Tabla-Kathak Jugalbandhi.  It was indeed a mesmerizing event with its divinely & soulful kathak performances. The intent of academy to keep kathak close to its roots & authenticity was visible in its students performances indeed.

Oceans away from India, in New Hampshire- Himanshi Kathak Dance Academy is providing opportunity to many aspiring learners in all ages (kids, teenagers & adults) to learn Authentic Kathak &/or Indian musical instrument – Tabla. For more information on Himanshi Kathak Dance Academy, please visit the