Venkatesh Prasad and Sanam Singh grace the Book Signing of “Dubey Ji Bounces Back”

Author Vivek Atray signed copies of his new romantic humorous novel DUBEY JI BOUNCES BACK at the Browser Bookstore in Chandigarh on Saturday. Former Indian cricket star Venkatesh Prasad and Tennis Davis Cup player Sanam Singh added lustre to the evening with their graceful presence.

Enthusiastic fans lined up to meet the author and the star sportsmen and get copies of the book signed by them.

Vivek Atray gifted a signed copy each to Sanam and Venaktesh too.

Both of them identified strongly with the central theme of the book which is about bouncing back from the troubles of life.

Yet Dubey ji Bounces Back is a light, peppy and feel-good book written by Atray in his inimitable witty style


Blurb for the back Cover


Meek and morose is what Raghav Dubey has been, all his life. But when Sarla Koppikar wallops him on his head and almost kills him, Dubey ji decides to undergo a complete make-over. He shaves off his moustache, sheds his reticence in female company and even learns to play the guitar!

His career graph now rockets skywards with his new found zest and energy enabling him to do wonders at Mumbai’s Bonny Bank.

The beauteous Avni Singh bowls him over and he is left utterly lovelorn. Even the very charming Paulomi Bose fails to distract him. A dark chapter in Avni’s past prevents her from reciprocating his feelings, however.

Dubey ji’s bête noire is found dead and our hero is in deep trouble, but a motley group led by Avni and the reformed Mrs Koppikar helps him to bounce back once again…

About the Author

Vivek Atray writes with flair and panache. “Dubey ji Bounces Back!” is his second book. He is also the author of “Move on Bunny!” and dozens of witty, humorous, pieces on people and their idiosyncrasies.

He is an all-rounder in real life and is also fond of pursuits as diverse as cricket, tennis, travel, technology, music. He is a much sought-after motivational speaker and has inspired thousands of youngsters to adopt a multi-dimensional approach to their lives.